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Your entry to the Digital Economy!

eSimon enables B2B, B2C and C2C to offer Community-based experiences combined with eCommerce, that are contextual, multi-channel, seamless and personalized!

Our Core Assets

Building blocks of our Business

Market Understanding

We constantly monitor customer behavior to understand trends and what consumers want in the future to meet their demands.


We employ Disruptive Innovation as a strategy to change an industry’s competitive patterns, and create market...


We participate in Global industry standardization, regulatory and strategic Forums and Working...


We have the knowledge, resources and skills to engineer and build convergent IT and telecom solutions in competitive...


We implement emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain, to create differentiated competitiveness.

Enablement Engines

Our platforms operate as enablement engines for small and large organizations, Government and other institutions to enter the...

Content Curation

eSimon applies an effective Content Curation system using Communities, Hubs and Streams for management and administration of


Our eCommerce tools and applications construct a simple, fast and social sales relationship between the vendor and...

Services Portfolio

Services for the revolution of how we work and play in today's mobile lifestyle!

eSimon is social curation, the evolution of social media

We don’t compete with Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications, we help them serve you better!

News & Trends

Technology is moving at a rate faster than we can comprehend, we gather notable developments and trends for you here...

A self-driving car can choose who dies in a fatal crash. These are the ethical considerations.

A massive new survey developed by MIT researchers reveals some distinct global preferences...

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Malaysia’s economic fundamentals remain strong – World Bank.

Malaysia’s economic fundamentals remain strong due to its diversified economy, despite the...

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Why Sweden’s cashless society is no longer a utopia.

The Swedish retail payment market is rapidly moving away from using cash. The outstanding value...

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Millennial burnout: building resilience is no answer – we need to overhaul how we work.

In a popular BuzzFeed article, Anne Helen Petersen describes how millennials (people born...

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3 ways to nurture collaboration between universities and industry.

Collaborations between universities and industry have given life to many blockbuster discoveries...

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How India can lead the world into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Be it AI or Blockchain, what works in India — with its inherent diversity, complexity and scale...

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