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It’s all about useful and effective strategies that determine the ROI of marketing efforts. Today’s Campaign Management has advantages in using the digital space for public and private focused engagement. eSIMon’s Campaign Management service is built around content and engagement. Our key features include:

  • Quick set-up, easy administration and reporting from a desktop dashboard
  • Client customized “roles and responsibilities” for multiple and distributed contribution from both internal and external parties
  • Audience specific channel to deliver “pure” campaign focus and results
  • “walled garden” concept protects your customer database from external access
  • Divisible into phases of Pre and Post activities to better manage campaign objectives
  • Measurable social media interaction and outcomes

At Business In Gear, a campaign manager will help you in deploying and getting the best benefits of our cross-channel Internet marketing initiative aligned to specific business objectives.

We are flexible and prepared; we use the best tools, skills and experience to execute campaigns that fulfill your business goals.