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SIMonassist for Victims of Abuse provide safety and awareness building of and for victims. It is a social networking application that does more than just chat, SIMonassist offers an SOS service that can be configured for the needs of well-being, safety and security; from children to adults. Providing three levels of escalation; from SOS Buddy assistance to immediate access to Emergency or Hotline Services, SIMonassist acts as an immediate-access tool for social contact or emergency use. The application offers three distinct services in one mobile application, Concierge, SOS and Bazaar.

SIMonassist contributes in more ways than one! More than providing assistance, communication and information to victims of abuse, the application provides opportunity for “helpers” to create a positive role and contribution for those in need where victims have the opportunity to connect, share and help those less fortunate. The psychological benefits of reaching out to someone who understands the plight many victims face, plus the opportunity to in turn assist someone else less fortunate, is immeasurable.

But for many Victims of Abuse, the most challenging stage after they receive the help and care that they need to regain control of their lives, is developing a positive and constructive purpose where they regain financial control and self-sustenance. With the right ennoblement this leads to confidence re-building and the chance to cultivate life-opportunities. Through Communities, SIMonassist creates Cottage Industry opportunities where anyone can launch a small business and reach a market receptive to their skills, efforts and offerings.