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SIMon is a family of Social Networking and Social Commerce applications running on two separate platforms.

eSimon is a mobile-first Online Community service integrated with eCommerce. Built on a robust content management and eCommerce engine, it provides secure owner curation and management of content and eCommerce over a dedicated chiefessays.net channel making it ideal for B2B, B2C, C2C and other segments. The design provides quick, easy and convenient curation of content in engaging customers, and seamless integration of transactional opportunities through an eCommerce Shoppe.

Three unique features of eSimon are the convergence of eCommerce with social networking in an invasive User Experience that makes purchase an informed and intuitive experience. The ability to share content beyond eSimon to other social media platforms thereby amplifying generated content. An Online Community system that acts as a private social network for Brands and Enterprise in curating content and engaging customers.

Apart from eCommerce, the application is suitable for a number of services such as Customer Engagement, Campaign Management, Programmatic Advertising and Data Insights.

SIMonassist is designed for Tourists and parties needing advice on what to see, what to do, where to eat and emergency assistance to give them peace of mind. The application provides three services that assist the user in different scenarios; SOS when in need of emergency assistance; Concierge which provides location-based services for restaurants, shopping, hospitals, places of Worship etc.; and Community where anyone can register and share information for public consumption. This could be a simple community message essay writing service board to inform the populace of local happenings, to information posted by the Ministry of Tourism to highlight attractions, things to do and places to visit based made more relative when based on the actual current location of the user.

Unique features of SIMonassist are cross platform communications of VoIP to TDM call termination, IP messaging to SMS delivery, and location based services. The cross platform communications enable connectivity even when data or WiFi are not available, making it possible to make calls and send messages when it matters most. This is an essential capability in “assist” services like SOS.

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