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SIMonassist for Tourists is a valuable experience for anyone who can benefit from a local understanding of where to eat, shop, visit or encounter the unique experiences a country has to offer. Most importantly, we want visitors to our country to feel safe and be protected so that they can convey the personal safety and secure experience so important to sustaining the tourism industry.

SIMonassist offers three distinct services in one mobile application, Concierge, SOS and Bazaar.

Tourists generally have a reason for choosing their destination, it could be shopping, culture, great beaches or a unique gourmet experience. Whatever the reason, its not the only purpose they have in their destination. Recent studies have highlighted that travelers, once they’ve absorbed the initial exposure of their destination, prefer to indulge in a variety of experiences from a local standpoint. They rely on recommendations, information (when most relevant) and word-of-mouth by people having their same “status”, as its more trustworthy and accurate of the experience they’re seeking.

SIMonassist builds on shared-experiences in making the tourist experience much more local, and safe!